• What is so special about the Vine Lodge House?

    The Vine Lodge House and outbuildings are an historically and aesthetically significant heritage item. The Malcolm family have owned the property for over 20 years. For more information visit www.vinelodge.com.au/history/

  • What happened at the Land and Environment Court?

    In 2018, with overwhelming community support, went to the Land and Environment Court to oppose road engineering requirements that dictated an intersection treatment that would have been undeniably detrimental to the special character of the Exeter Village. The original entrance to the subdivision was along the existing Vine Lodge driveway, the resolution was the relocation of the intersection further north. Our heritage consultants were happy with the outcome as it leaves the original Vine lodge driveway intact, and has no impact of the village centre.

  • How was the subdivision designed?

    The subdivision is located between Vine Lodge house and Exeter Park, which are both identified as Heritage Items. These special circumstances required a unique approach that is sensitive to the setting of the heritage items and resulted in variations to subdivision norms.

    In the early planning stage (2008), an urban analysis was conducted by our heritage consultants based on the heritage curtilage of the historic Vine Lodge house and the Exeter Village context. The masterplan grew from this.

  • When will the houses or land be for sale?

    At this stage we do not have a clear timeline for release of land or houses. Please get in touch if you would like to receive updates.