The Past

The Vine Lodge property is located on the ancestral land of the Gundangurra first nations people.

The land was granted to James Badgery by Governor Macquarie in 1821. The existing boundaries of the Vine Lodge property lie within the much larger estate consolidated from 1821 onwards, and once included the village of Exeter originally known as Badgery’s Siding. The Badgery family met with financial difficulties in the late 1890’s resulting in the sale of estate land and the subsequent establishment of the village around the new railway station, which was named Exeter (James Badgery’s place of birth).

The land was again subdivided in 1915. The Vine Lodge house remained in the Badgery family until 1978, a period of some 140 years.

The Present

Today the heritage listed Vine Lodge house is a second home and holiday rental. For more information visit

Adjacent to the 100 acre heritage listed main lot is a section of residential zoned land. The Vine Lodge estate underwent two main periods of subdivision from 1889 to 1892 and 1915, in 2008 consent was granted to subdivide further, adding a village precinct of 25 lots.

This project has been brewing since then.