Subdivision Design

The subdivision is located between Vine Lodge house and Exeter Park, which are both identified as Heritage Items. These special circumstances require a unique approach that is sensitive to the setting of the heritage items and dictates variations to the subdivision norms.

In the early planning stage (2008), an urban analysis was conducted by our heritage consultants based on the heritage curtilage of the historic Vine Lodge house and the Exeter Village context. The subdivision layout grew from this, essentially it is divided into residential character zones.

The rural precinct reflects the pastoral character of the Vine Lodge estate, with larger allotments feeling like they are still part of the original property. Dwellings are to read as groups of rural outbuildings, barn style with solid ends and traditional materials. Landscaping will be informal clusters of trees around the buildings. Fencing is simple post and wire ‘farm’ fencing. The village precincts are the areas is in closer proximity to Exeter Village/Station. The village character is extended to these smaller scale lots. Those sitting along the Exeter Park boundary have a direct visual link to the park and village, these lots will be more heavily planted and sit behind a mixed species hedge along the new road.

The images on this page are extracts from the 2008 Urban Analysis by Jennifer Hill (Architectural Projects), the essence is the same however the layout has changed with the location of the new road, please see masterplan.

The new road now crosses the historic Vine Lodge driveway. The crossing has been designed to maintain the primacy of the Vine Lodge driveway by changes in finish and the use of cattle grids to define it. Placement of additional oak trees will help to reinforce the avenue of trees. The original driveway will continue to be used as vehicle and pedestrian access to the Vine Lodge property.

A pedestrian path will link the new road to Exeter Park (between lots 11 and 12). The footpath finishes with a simple timber bridge structure over Indigo Creek, then through the existing vegetation onto the grassed parkland. Like other such links in the Village, this will provide a walking loop for local residents.